Sunday, February 14, 2010

Using Google for Genealogy, Post 4 of 4: Cool Google Items, Google Help

Cool Google Items and Google Help (Post 4 of 4):

Google Toolbar (download it to your computer):
  • Don’t have to go to “” to start your searches
  • Remembers websites you’ve visited
  • Highlight button – makes finding most relevant results easier
  • Search Site button (continue searching within one website only)
  • Can customize Google to fit your needs.
  • Remember to turn off tracking (don’t give google your search results).

Google Alerts – set up a search bot to search for you! Go to In the type field, you might want to include News, Blogs, Web, Video and Groups for genealogy searching.

Google Dictionary (Example: define:genealogy)

Google phonebook (Example: phonebook: carruth +Arizona)

Google location/maps search (Example: 7110 N Central Ave, Phoenix AZ – home of John McCain)


Google Help Central. (NOTE: Hard to find this page – you cannot find it by googling “google help central.”)

Google Cheat Sheet. (or type in google search: google cheatsheet)

Free Genealogy Search Help for Google: After I created a four-page outline on my tips for using Google for Genealogy research, I came across this webpage that helps do the work for you!  Enjoy.

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