Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Privacy Tool for Facebook Users (Yes, this is related to Genealogy!)

Why am I posting about Facebook privacy settings on my genealogy tips blog?  I love using Facebook for genealogy too.  Facebook has become a wonderful way to keep in contact with all of my extended family, and is a great place to share family history.  I can't count the times when a niece or nephew has said, "I didn't know that about 'so and so'....."  Facebook is a great way to share your genealogy with the younger generation.

However, Facebook has made some privacy changes lately.  One of my uncles (who was very new to Facebook) decided to drop Facebook because he was fearful of the privacy issues.  I believe Facebook is far too valuable to just drop it, and I've found you can still have a great Facebook experience -- so long as you properly lock down your privacy rights!

I came across a great tool that will help check your Facebook to see what you are sharing with others.  This tool scans your Facebook profile for privacy settings and tell you exactly what others can see about you.  This free tool is easy to install (just drag and drop as a "bookmark" to your internet browser).  You first have to log on to Facebook, then you can click on the button to have it "do it's thing."   It is called  The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and PCWorld recommend this site.

I learned of this tool from Kim Komando, a computer guru from the Phoenix area who has a nationwide radio show.  Here is Kim Komando's article on if you want to read more about it.

Her website is:, and I trust it implicity.  In fact, I go to her site for all things computer-wise!

Bottom line is - I am going to continue using Facebook, and you can too -- so long as you properly lock it down!  

P.S.  After I tested my Facebook settings using this bookmark, I removed it (just to be safe!).

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