Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It was Right There All The Time! More Free Access at My Family History Library

On Saturday I was at my local Family History Center trying to find more information on a gentleman who died in July of 1970 in Phoenix.  Basically - I need his obituary so I can learn more about his family and where he hails.  I thought - check the databases at my local public library (Phoenix Public Library).  It referred me to a local Family History Center (Mesa Regional Family History Center) which maintains a database called AZObits.  What a wonderful resource!  I found the obituary I was researching (well, information that one exists - not the complete obituary), along with the newspaper where it was published.  Now - to find that newspaper and see if the July 1970 issue was in an online database.

I searched and searched to no avail.  I eventually wound up at NewspaperArchive.com and they indeed had my newspaper, but I really didn't feel like paying for a membership just yet.  And, I am not really interested in making a trip to the Phoenix Public Library to look at microfilm (I want it ALL online NOW!  I can dream, can't I?)  Well, I gave up for now and left my little Family History Center to save this search for another day.  Little did I know that my library had free access to NewspaperArchive.com through another website.
While researching tonight I found an article on the 10 Great Pay Sites - Genealogy Websites.  I saw Godfrey Memorial Library on the list, and I discovered that Godfrey offers access to NewspaperArchive.com (via paid subscription).  (Best part is -- Godfrey offers library subscriptions to anyone!)  I considered subscribing, then I remembered:  Hey!  My local Family History Library allows access to Godfrey Memorial Library for free -- AND its link to NewspaperArchive.com (also for free!) -- through its FHC Portal!

Needless to say, I can't wait to return to my local Family History Library to start researching this rich source of material.  And, a lesson learned -- learn what is available to you in your own local family history library!

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  1. Jirene

    Great article and it is amazing what is often right under our nose!

    For those who want an low-cost alternative for access to Newspaper Archive.com at home, consider joining the Southern California Genealogical Society (http://www.scgsgenealogy.com/) - for a $30 membership you get access from home which is sweet!



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