Thursday, June 24, 2010

Google and Beyond! Other Search Engines For Genealogy Research

While researching an expert witness in my "real" (paying) job, I did my usual Google search and found that he had written a book and had also created a personality profile test.  However, Google would not dig further for me and find these two items.  So, I decided to expand my search using other search engines.

I have known about,,,, etc., but most returned the same search results.  However, when I googled the term "search engines," I came across a search engine comparison chart prepared by Berkeley University.  It highlighted their preferred top three search engines, two of which you are aware ( and  However, the third search engine I had never heard of: not only found some of the same similar postings, it found two videos that were not listed via normal search engines, and it also listed a few more sites that I am anxious to review.

Now - how does this relate to genealogy?  If Google didn't give you any good results, try another search engine! 

More info on Exalead that may be of interest to genealogists:  their advance feature allows you to focus and separate your search results by website's country of origin, language, PDF documents, blogs, forums, etc.  (See graphic of website origins.) 

As always, with any of these search engines use the basic Google shortcut tips when searching:  quotes for phrases (i.e. "Samuel Gordge"), minus sign (-) to exclude a word, plus sign (+) to include a word.  (See my Google search tips in previous posts).

Last word of advice:  Run your check again in another 6 or 12 months; you never know what will be added to the wonderful world wide web!
Happy hunting!


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