Sunday, January 2, 2011

10 Things I Learned at a Family History Expo: Very Worthwhile Genealogy Tips

If you have never attended a Family History Expo, you might want to consider attending.  Last year was my first time to attend the Arizona Family History Expo, and I learned so much.  In fact, here are just 10 things I learned:

10 Things I Learned at the Arizona Family History Expo:

1.  Did you know that men over the age of 45 also registered for the draft in World War II?

2.  Did you know that's Member Connectivity allows you to see live feeds of recent uploads by others who are researching your family lines, and you can see who is accessing and linking the photos you upload?

3.  If you have Welsh ancestors, did you know that a lot of Welsh were non-conformists?  Although you should still search all parish records where your ancestor lived, don't forget to search the non-conformist church records!

4.  Did you know that when searching, if you use the keyword search for names, it also searches newspapers?  Using the name search does not.

5.  When researching Italian records, did you know that mothers sometimes used their maiden names on immigration records?  And, in Italy, marriages had to be announced in the newspaper, which could be another good source for these records.

6.  One tip on immigration records:  compare the indices at Ellis Island to -- may find different transcriptions.

7.  Revolutionary War records:  In addition to and, did you know that Heritage Quest Online (available at most libraries) has Revolutionary War pension records?

8.  Patriots serving in the Continental Army were given Continental dollars or Bounty Land Warrants.  Probably 90% sold their Bounty Land Warrants to others, sometimes kids and grandkids claimed the land.  These are good genealogical records.

9. Did you know that 10% of the U.S. population participated in the Civil War?  And, upwards of 10% lost their life in the Civil War?  Unfortunately if your ancestor was from South Carolina, you won't find any soldier units there - they had to join other units.

10.  Only about 1/3 of World War I records and World War II records still remain (losses due to unfortunate fires at facilities).  However, did you know that about 2/3rds of these records may have also been filed with local County Recorders?  Check your County Recorder records for DD-214 separation papers.

The Family Histoy Expos offered by offer a great variety of classes, from beginner to experienced, and at a reasonable rate.  There are so many classes offered that you cannot attend all, however, you can download the syllabus for every class, which are still excellent resources.

Will I be attending this year's Arizona Family History Expo?  Yes!  In fact, I will be presenting one of the classes at the Expo and will also be a guest Blogger of Honor.  Not only I am a convert, I am hooked!  We hope to see you at the Arizona Family History Expo on January 21-22, 2011.


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  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing some of the gems one can learn at a Family History Expo. We look forward to seeing you in Mesa!



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