Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is Genealogy Indexing More Rewarding Than Playing Farm Town?

Recently I was asked to consider becoming my church's Stake Indexing Director.  This job would oversee and encourage volunteer indexing of historic genealogy records at the indexing website.  What I was most interested in was obtaining the statistics of work performed by current indexers in our Stake so we could publish it in our Phoenix Family History Library newsletter (since I am the newsletter editor).

I am no stranger to indexing, and in fact I enjoy it.  When I looked at the statistics, I was proud to see my name listed, until it showed my numbers.  Shamefully my stats were very dismal for 2010.  Something must be wrong?!  I then thought about where I had spent quite a bit of time during 2010 - then I remembered!  Facebook - my 6 farms in Farm Town.

Don't get me wrong - sometimes you may need to do something mindless like playing these games.  However, I knew my time spent on indexing vs. Facebook games was not even close to being equal.

Since my reawakening, I started doing more indexing and less farming.  I am also loving the fact that has listed the Indexing project under "Give Back" on their website. That does say it all, doesn't it?

I have already doubled my total names indexed for 2010 - and it has only been a couple of weeks.  In fact I am indexing US Naval Enlistment Registers from 1855-1891, and I love seeing all of different home towns and countries of the sailors and recording their complexion as dark, fair, ruddy or florid (which I had never heard of before).

If you have ever used the website and had success finding a few family names, as a thank you try indexing a few names in return.  Think about how spending a few minutes of your time could save someone decades of searching.  There is no cost to indexing, and it is easy.  You can do a little or a lot.  Here's the link:  FamilySearch Indexing.

Send me your indexing totals!  I know others are putting me to shame, but I am on my way to redeeming myself in 2011!

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  1. I'm an indexer and arbitrator. It's a great activity to do while watching tv. Plus it feels good to give back!

    I'm close to 40,000 for all time, about 1,300 so far in January.



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