Monday, February 21, 2011

My 1902 Central Ward Sunday School photo and #genealogy

When one of my favorite aunts passed away a few years ago (Ruth Anna Butler King), we traveled to Central, Arizona for her funeral services and burial at our family cemetery called Hubbard Cemetery. While at the church building where the funeral services were held, I saw a familiar photo on the wall: a 1902 photo of the Central Ward Sunday School.

I had an original of this photo at home, and my only knowledge of this photo was that my blonde-haired Grandmother Mary Anne Adams Butler (7 yrs) was hiding behind my other Grandmother Elena Halladay Ellsworth Morris (21) (sitting on the ground, first row left of center in the photo).  Little did they both know they would later be related via marriage of their children - my mother and father.

The best part of seeing this photo on the church wall was that someone had taken the time to identify ALL of the people in the photo! What an excellent find for our families, as we were able to now identify other family members in the photo.

I've always wanted to share this photo with other descendants and tag all of the names in the photo. For now, though, I have (finally!) uploaded this photo to, then "zoomed it" using at the suggestion of fellow blogger, Mark at ThinkGenealogy.  I love how you can zoom in and see everyone quite clearly.  (Unfortunately Flickr doesn't allow over 150MB size photos, so this is the best photo I could upload for free.) Here's the photo:

Thanks Mark for telling us about, plus providing instructions on how to upload this to our blogs.  Now, just to find a way to tag everyone in the photo.  I don't know if Flickr and will allow tagging (like Facebook), or how many tags if at all.  Any suggestions?  I would love to hear your tips!



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